Grace Hopper Scholarship: Empowering Women In Tech

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As a woman who works in the tech industry, I have always been passionate about promoting diversity and inclusivity in the field. That is why I want to shed light on the Grace Hopper Scholarship, a program that has been making significant strides in empowering women in technology.

What is the Grace Hopper Scholarship?

The Grace Hopper Scholarship is named after Rear Admiral Grace Hopper, a pioneer in computer programming and a trailblazer for women in tech. The scholarship was established in her honor in 2013 by the Anita Borg Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing women in technology.

The scholarship provides financial assistance to women who want to pursue a career in technology by covering the cost of attendance to the annual Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC) of Women in Computing Conference. The conference is the largest gathering of women technologists in the world, with over 20,000 attendees from all over the globe.

Why is the Grace Hopper Scholarship important?

The tech industry has historically been dominated by men, and women have had to overcome significant barriers and biases in order to make their mark in the field. The Grace Hopper Scholarship helps to level the playing field by providing women with access to valuable networking and professional development opportunities.

By attending the GHC conference, scholarship recipients have the chance to connect with other women in tech, learn from industry leaders, and gain exposure to the latest trends and innovations in the field. This can be a game-changer for women who are just starting out in their careers or who are looking to take their skills to the next level.

How can women apply for the Grace Hopper Scholarship?

Applications for the Grace Hopper Scholarship are typically open in the spring or summer, and are available on the Anita Borg Institute’s website. Prospective applicants must be enrolled in or accepted into an undergraduate or graduate program in a technical field, and must be able to demonstrate a commitment to advancing women in technology.

Applicants must also submit a resume, academic transcripts, and two essays: one on their personal background and goals, and another on how they plan to contribute to the advancement of women in technology. Recipients are selected based on their academic achievement, leadership potential, and passion for the field.


The Grace Hopper Scholarship is an important initiative that is helping to break down barriers and empower women in technology. By providing financial assistance to attend the GHC conference, the scholarship is opening doors for women who might not otherwise have access to these valuable networking and professional development opportunities.

As someone who has personally benefited from the support and mentorship of other women in tech, I wholeheartedly support the Grace Hopper Scholarship and encourage other women to apply. Together, we can help to create a more inclusive and diverse tech industry for future generations.

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