The Best Race For Dragonknight In Elder Scrolls Online

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Greetings fellow adventurers! If you’re playing as a Dragonknight in Elder Scrolls Online, then you know how important it is to pick the right race. Your race will have a significant impact on your character’s stats and abilities, so it’s essential to choose wisely. In this article, we’ll explore the best race for Dragonknight and why it’s the top choice for this class.

What to Look for in a Race for Dragonknight

Before we dive into the best race for Dragonknight, let’s discuss what to look for in a race. As a Dragonknight, you’ll want a race that complements your class’s strengths and weaknesses. You’ll also want a race that boosts your primary statistics, such as Stamina or Magicka. Finally, you’ll want a race that has useful racial passives that align with your playstyle.

The Best Race for Dragonknight: Dunmer

After considering all of these factors, the best race for Dragonknight is undoubtedly the Dunmer (Dark Elf). The Dunmer race excels in Stamina-based builds, making them an excellent choice for Dragonknights, who rely heavily on Stamina. Dunmers also have a unique racial passive called Resist Flame, which gives them extra resistance to fire damage. Since Dragonknights use a lot of fire-based abilities, this passive is incredibly useful.

Furthermore, Dunmers have a bonus to both Stamina and Magicka, which is perfect for Dragonknights who need to balance both resources. This race’s racial passives also include increased experience gain with dual-wielding weapons and a bonus to fire damage, making them even more powerful in combat.

Other Viable Races for Dragonknight

While Dunmer is undoubtedly the best race for Dragonknight, other races can work well for this class. For example, the Redguard race is an excellent choice for those who prefer a more Stamina-focused build. Their Adrenaline Rush passive grants them a significant boost to Stamina regeneration, making them highly efficient in combat.

The Nord race is also a viable option for Dragonknights, thanks to their increased Health and Cold Resistance passives. They can take more damage than other races, which is useful for tanking or soloing challenging content.


In conclusion, choosing the right race for your Dragonknight is crucial to your success in Elder Scrolls Online. The Dunmer is undoubtedly the best race for this class, thanks to their Stamina-based bonuses, Resist Flame passive, and dual-wielding experience gain. However, other races like Redguard and Nord can also work well for Dragonknights, depending on your preferred playstyle. Whatever race you choose, make sure you take advantage of their racial passives and build your character accordingly.

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