Elder Scrolls Online Best Necromancer Race

elder scrolls online best necromancer race
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Hello, fellow gamers! If you are playing Elder Scrolls Online and planning to create a Necromancer character, then you might be wondering which race is the best to choose. Well, you are in the right place because in this article, we will discuss the best Necromancer race in Elder Scrolls Online.

What is a Necromancer in Elder Scrolls Online?

Before we dive into the best race for Necromancer, let us first define what a Necromancer is in Elder Scrolls Online. A Necromancer is a class that specializes in using dark magic to control and summon undead creatures to fight for them. They can also heal themselves and allies by sacrificing their own health. Necromancers are a versatile class that can fit different roles such as DPS, healer, or tank.

Best Races for Necromancer

There are ten playable races in Elder Scrolls Online, and each has its own unique passive abilities that can benefit different classes differently. However, some races are more suitable for Necromancers than others. Here are the top three races for Necromancer:

1. Breton

Breton is a race that is well-suited for Necromancers who want to focus on healing and support. Bretons have a passive ability called “Gift of Magnus,” which increases their maximum magicka by a significant amount. This means that Bretons can cast more spells and use their healing abilities more frequently. Bretons also have a resistance to spell damage, which makes them more durable in combat.

2. Dunmer

Dunmer, also known as Dark Elves, are a versatile race that can fit different roles. For Necromancers, Dunmer is an excellent choice for those who want to focus on DPS. Dunmer has a passive ability called “Destructive Ancestry,” which increases their fire damage and reduces their fire damage taken. This means that Dunmer Necromancers can deal more damage with fire spells and take less damage from fire attacks. Dunmer also has a bonus to stamina and magicka, which makes them more flexible in combat.

3. Argonian

Argonian is a race that is well-suited for Necromancers who want to focus on tanking. Argonians have a passive ability called “Amphibious,” which increases their swimming speed and health regeneration. This means that Argonians can survive longer in combat and have better mobility. Argonians also have a resistance to poison and disease, which makes them more resistant to certain types of attacks. Argonians also have a bonus to healing, which makes them more suitable for healing roles.


In conclusion, the best race for your Necromancer character in Elder Scrolls Online depends on your playstyle and preferred role. Breton is an excellent choice for healing and support, Dunmer for DPS, and Argonian for tanking. However, these are not the only viable options, and you can choose any race that you think suits your character concept and playstyle. We hope that this article helps you make an informed decision on which race to choose for your Necromancer in Elder Scrolls Online!

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