The Best Repeater In Rdr2 Online 2021

best repeater in rdr2 online 2021
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Greetings fellow cowboys and cowgirls! As someone who has spent countless hours playing Red Dead Redemption 2 Online, I understand the importance of having the right weapons for any given situation. One of the most versatile weapons in the game is the repeater, and in this article, I want to share with you my top pick for the best repeater in RDR2 Online for 2021.

What Makes a Good Repeater?

Before we dive into my top pick, let’s discuss what makes a good repeater in RDR2 Online. In my opinion, a good repeater should have a high rate of fire, good accuracy, and decent damage. It should also have a decent range and be able to hold a decent amount of ammunition.

The Best Repeater in RDR2 Online 2021: Lancaster Repeater

After trying out multiple repeaters in RDR2 Online, my top pick for the best repeater in 2021 is the Lancaster Repeater. This repeater has a high rate of fire, good accuracy, and decent damage. It also has a longer range than some of the other repeaters in the game, making it a great choice for medium to long-range combat.

The Lancaster Repeater can hold up to 14 rounds, which is more than enough for most combat situations. It also has a relatively fast reload time, allowing you to get back into the action quickly. Overall, the Lancaster Repeater is a reliable and versatile weapon that should be in every cowboy’s arsenal.

Other Repeater Options

While the Lancaster Repeater is my top pick, there are other repeaters in RDR2 Online that are worth considering. The Litchfield Repeater, for example, has a higher rate of fire but lower accuracy and damage. The Evans Repeater has a higher ammunition capacity but lower accuracy and range. It ultimately comes down to personal preference and playstyle, so I encourage you to try out different repeaters and see which one works best for you.


In conclusion, the Lancaster Repeater is the best repeater in RDR2 Online for 2021 due to its high rate of fire, good accuracy, decent damage, and longer range. However, there are other repeaters worth considering based on personal preference and playstyle. Whatever repeater you choose, make sure it fits your needs and helps you complete your missions successfully. Happy hunting, cowboys and cowgirls!

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