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best online thai cooking class
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Welcome food enthusiasts! Are you looking for a way to learn authentic Thai cooking from the comfort of your own kitchen? Look no further because we have compiled a list of the best online Thai cooking classes for you. With the ongoing pandemic, online classes have become increasingly popular and accessible. Now is the perfect time to explore new cuisines and elevate your culinary skills.

Why Learn Thai Cooking Online?

Thai cuisine is known for its unique blend of flavors and aromatic herbs. From spicy curries to sweet desserts, there is something for everyone. Learning to cook Thai dishes can seem intimidating, but with the help of online classes, you can learn at your own pace and convenience. Online classes also offer a wider range of instructors and cooking styles, allowing you to find the perfect fit for you.

The Best Online Thai Cooking Classes

1. Thai Cooking School Online

Thai Cooking School Online offers a comprehensive course that covers everything from basic ingredients to complex dishes. The classes are taught by professional Thai chefs who provide step-by-step instructions and helpful tips. The course is self-paced, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

2. Hot Thai Kitchen

Hot Thai Kitchen is a popular YouTube channel that offers a variety of Thai recipes and cooking tips. The channel is run by Pailin Chongchitnant, a Thai chef and cookbook author who has a passion for sharing her culture through food. Her videos are easy to follow and entertaining.

3. Cookly

Cookly is a platform that connects travelers with local cooking classes around the world. With their online classes, you can learn from Thai chefs in Thailand without leaving your home. The classes are live, allowing you to interact with the instructor and ask questions. Cookly also offers a variety of class options, from beginner to advanced.

4. Taste of Thai

Taste of Thai offers a range of online classes that focus on specific dishes and techniques. The classes are taught by Thai chefs who have years of experience in the industry. The classes are pre-recorded, allowing you to watch and learn at your own pace.

5. Udemy

Udemy is an online learning platform that offers a variety of courses, including Thai cooking. The courses are created by independent instructors and are self-paced. Udemy offers a range of courses for all levels, from beginner to advanced.


Learning to cook Thai dishes has never been easier with the abundance of online classes available. With the help of professional instructors and easy-to-follow instructions, you can impress your family and friends with your newfound culinary skills. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for an online Thai cooking class today and start your culinary journey!

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